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The Art of Setting Goals Mindfully

Its’ the last day of the year, and people are going in to flashback mode: thinking of the future, goal setting for next year, and reflecting on all the heaviness they experienced in the current year. In this lovely and impressionable social media age, its common, to see tons of memes floating around about what the collective group can “leave behind.” Every year, there’s memes suggesting that people should let go of certain behaviors, mindsets, and people, and walk into the following year with a new mind.

There’s all types of goals that people begin to set for themselves, and often times, they are set without mindful intention. The reality is, change takes time. Change takes effort. Another reality is, timing is important. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean its something you need, nor does it mean that its something aligned with the season in your life that you want it. Goals are not just about what you can obtain, or what type of physical life you want to create for yourself. People can become to focused on their goals, they lose sight of who they are, and what life is really about. Its great to set goals to move towards something, and celebrate progress, but know, that there is a whole lot of life that can happen outside of your goals. As a naturally ambitious and productive person, I often have to remind myself, I am a human “BEing” not a human “doing.” My life, nor yours, is weighed or defined by what I can do and accomplish. For me, life is to be lived in a way that includes sharing, learning, loving, enjoyment, service, and empowerment.

In many ways, I am one of those stereotypical people who spend time in the end of the year believing in the power of reflection and visualization, however, it is a lifestyle practice for me. I do a lot of reflection around birthdays and the last 2 weeks of the year, but I also, journal and actively engage in manifestation work on a weekly basis. In learning to incorporate reflection and visualization as a lifestyle, my outlook on resolutions and yearly goals has shifted. I’ve learned that all the little steps, shifts, and epiphanies in between time, will eventually lead me to my desires, even if not within an initial time frame. Who I become en route to my vision, is of greater value, than obtaining a desire in an of itself. Its one thing to reach a goal, but who do you have to be to maintain, nurture and possibly expand it?

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