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Group Therapy

Upcoming Group

We are facing challenging times as a state, country, and global community right. The uncertainty, changes, and loss for millions is causing different experiences of anxiety and grief for many. The recent quarantine efforts are in place to protect us all, however it doesn't mean that the conditions are not impacting your mental health. 

Join Tiffany Wright, Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker for a donation-based weekly 60-minute web-based support group. This group will provide a safe and judgement-free space for you to share the challneges you're facing during this time. As a mindfulness centered practitioner, I will be sharing useful coping and emotional regulation strategies to help you during this time, as well providing support in reflective exercises to support to your adjustment during this transition. 


  • Registration closes the Sunday before each meeting, at 7pm. This means you must register by 7pm, the day before.

  • The group will be 60 minutes from 6pm-7pm

  • California residents only

  • Participant must be 18 years or older

  • Group is limited to 10 people. First come first serve

  • This is a community support group facilitated by a mental health professional but does not replace individual psychotherapy

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