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 Wellness Retreats

One on One & Custom Retreats

Are you looking to launch a retreat for your team to unwind, bond, and gain inspiration? Interested in hosting something for you and your closest friends? Maybe you’re interested in a one-on-one opportunity. Retreats are pre-designed with room for customization. Retreats can range from half a day (4 hours) up to 4 days.


Embrace Mother Nature On: The Eco Retreat

Sometimes in our busy lifestyles and the demands of our schedule, we forget the one important aspect that binds us all together – nature.

From the bees that buzz to the woman who hurriedly rushes to a meeting, everything works in perfect harmony. This is why, when ideas of self-doubt, decreasing self-esteem, or low motivation seep in, we turn to what makes us whole for a boost – nature.

Look forward to:

  • Journaling

  • Hiking or Strolls through a Natural Park

  • Nature-based self-exploration activities

  • Grounding activities that soothe your overactive nervous system

  • 4 days of complete relaxation

Feel the liberation as you take a break to rediscover yourself, connect with nature, and bond with fabulous women like yourself in breathtaking places.

Fall For Yourself: The Self-Love Retreat

Have you ever heard the notion that one needs to love themselves first to expect someone else to fall for them? While it's not that straightforward, a lesson must be learned: Self-love comes first, before all else.


It features:

  • Journaling

  • Group sessions based on The 5 Commandments of Self Love

  • Play Time

  • Body Work (e.g., massage, yoga, or yoni support)

  • Relaxation – lots of it!

Take a break to find out who you really are. From your likes and dislikes to newfound passions, build a connection to self with women like you from all across the globe.

Heal together, heal better.


Embrace Freedom On The Mindfulness Retreat

Stress is a part of life. It comes from the smallest of things, like missing the train. Or by bigger aspects, like being fired. But there is one commonality – the residual impact it has on you, that stays longer than expected.

Go deep within yourself, address those hidden anxieties and traumas, and gain another dimension of self-awareness. My retreat activities center around developing mindfulness:

  • Journaling

  • Group sessions based on my Mindful Reflections journal

  • Mindful Activities (like meditation, silence sessions, & breathwork)

  • Spiritual experiences like Reiki work or the Cacao ceremony

Be present in the current moment, and make the most of it, with people like family and a retreat experience unlike
any other.

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