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I support high functioning individuals in maneuvering life challenges & transitions that impact  identity and coping in a holistic way.

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Psychotherapy Services

 I provide online therapy in the state of California and Texas.

As a psychotherapist offering teletherapy, I am available to work with anyone in California and Texas.  I provide nature-based sessions outside for individuals in Los Angeles vicinity.


I work with Individual Adults and Couples for Premarital Counseling. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Individual session fee- $165

Couples assessment fee- $260

Couples session fee- $220 (10-12 sessions)

All services are cash pay. 

* I do not accept insurance, but I provide superbills, which can be utilized by many people with PPOs.

* I accept Loveland Foundation vouchers



Eating Disorders

The experiences of shame, control, disconnection, anger, and lack of worthiness can be unbearable. Let's explore the complexity of your challenges so that you can feel empowered, get back to you, and take your life back.


A loss of safety can penetrate and impact all aspects of your life. Trauma is complex, and maneuvering thru it must be unique and holistic. We can explore the roots and develop tools to help you stay in the present and feel in control.


Going thru any transition, and experiencing any loss can be challenging. Grief can be felt due to death, relationship completion, or in the shift in one aspect of your identity. We will identify where you are, and honor the difficulties experienced.


I believe in a holistic approach to understanding and nurturing yourself. Utilizing psychotherapy is one of the many tools that can achieve this. As a clinician, I see myself as a vessel for healing but also a giver of tools. I incorporate mindfulness, nature, and exploring spirituality and existential concepts to foster a connection to one’s core identity and existence.


I devise specific treatment plans that may include utilizing worksheets, art, music, narration, nature, and adventure to process your thoughts and emotions, and connect to who you are. I am trained in Brainspotting and Ecotherapy.

I work with clients impacted by eating disorders, childhood & race-based trauma,  grief, relationship issues, and identity/esteem.

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