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15 Questions to Harness the Power of Reflection for Self-Love and Growth Before the New Year

In my journey as a healer and someone experiencing healing, I have evolved into a practitioner that centers everything around a transpersonal and mindfulness approach. I believe that so much of our human experience can be shaped by our connection to ourselves, the world around us, and the power of awareness in that connectedness. A key to walking a journey of awareness and connection comes through reflection. It is in reflection, that we learn to really see ourselves and the world around us. In reflection, we can learn to honor ourselves. In reflection, we can learn to be our best selves. In reflection, we can learn to the ultimate powers of love in the form of self-love and acceptance.

There is a time for looking forward, but there is also a time, to sit in the now, and also, reach back into the past. The past is a great teacher. The past can be a source of power. The past can be a source of growth. So as the month, year, and decade come to an end, I want to provide some great reflective questions, that give you space to connect to yourself, honor and celebrate the 2019 version of who you were!

How did I live out my purpose?

What are major lessons I learned?

What relationships am I most grateful for and why?

What experiences am I most grateful for and why?

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