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I am a co-founder of the organization Coco Coalition. I serve as the Creative Lead/ Director of Research & Development. Coco Coalition, lovingly called Coco, is a social enterprise dedicated to curating holistic, safe and empowering opportunities for women of the African Diaspora to connect, grow and thrive. As a social enterprise, Coco is focused on creating opportunities for Black women, and sowing in the well being of black teen girls by supporting projects that remove barriers to a healthy and secure future.

Coco was established out of the demand and reception from the International Black & Beautiful Women's Brunch.

The Black & Beautiful Brunch provides a safe space for women who identify with the African diaspora to fellowship over food and positive energy while discussing issues that affect their lives and well-being as Black women. The intention is to provide a space for healing, conversation, as well as networking. 

Coco Coalition

The BE Life

I am the founder and CEO of  The BE Life.


The BE Life Co. is an empowerment platform dedicated to enhancing lives through self love and mental health awareness by providing wellness centered content, products, and resources.

Through BE, I offer content, resources, and opportunities for people to focus. All of my books, workbooks, journals, and other self help and personal growth products are listed on

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