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I  support and create opportunities to approach healing and transformation in a holistic way via therapy, media, products, training & speaking.

Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany Wright is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California and Texas, wellness consultant, speaker, and self-love ambassador. Tiffany has facilitated healing, educational and professional workshops, seminars, training, and events for universities, high schools, social service agencies, and community members in the US and abroad around the topics of empowerment, wellness, trauma, and mental health. She is the founder of the wellness agency, The BE Life, which provides wellness solutions to individuals, organizations, and communities through various services and media. She is a co-founder of Coco Coalition In c  a 501c3 that improves the quality of Black women's lives through mental health and education services, programs, and resources.  

Wellness Philosophy

Ascribing to a completely integrative approach, I make efforts to support and create opportunities to approach healing and transformation in a holistic way. My primary focus is to expose individuals to tools of self-reflection and natural healing modalities.  I believe that intuitively we are whole beings, yet it is the impact of personal experiences, social and political dynamics, and biological/physiological processes that create internal dispositions of fragmentation.  It is important to me to address circumstances that challenge one’s core identity and empower any individual to take advantage of tools available that may seem traditional, non-traditional, simple, and available.

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