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Professional Summary

Fostering skills that have allowed me to be a speaker, writer, trainer, clinician, and program developer, I take pride in providing populations with quality service that improves the lives of the individuals, groups, or the organization that I have been called upon to impact. I am currently a registered Associate Clinical Social Worker (#81823) in California and have a passion for working with clients impacted by eating disorders, trauma, grief, mood disorders, life transitions, multicultural issues and low esteem.

I believe in approaching all opportunities with a commitment to my personal mission: to break cycles of  disease, dysfunction and struggle. My backgrounds in Sociology, Psychology, African Cultural Studies and Social Work provide the necessary foundation for any role in human services requiring emotional intelligence, cultural competency, and the soft "people" skills. I have had the opportunity to work with a range of stakeholders on macro, mezzo, and micro levels, in public health, corporate, education, child welfare and mental health.


Case Management  Crisis Intervention     Group, Individual and Family  Therapy    Career & Education Counseling 
Motivational Coaching 
 Public Speaking    Training    Creative Initiatives

Work Experience

2013 - Present

BE! Wellness Consulting, Los Angeles, California                                                                                

Wellness & Trauma Organizational Consultant


Oversee a successful consulting practice supporting international and local clients; provide instruction, training, event curation, and marketing relating to wellness and mental health. Create web-based content on holistic wellness practices. Develop and facilitate workshops, training & events centered on healthy relationships, self-esteem, wellness, mental health, and personal development.


2015- Present

Coco Coalition, Inc., Los Angeles, California

Founder, Creative Lead, Research & Development                                                                       


Establish an organizational and strategic vision for culturally sensitive international wellness-based social enterprise; facilitate international programs for women on mental health, women’s health, self-care, cultural identity, and business development. Manage community engagement, foster strategic relationships for partnership and sponsorship opportunities. 



Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders, Santa Monica, California                                 

Program Therapist                                                                                                                                     


Provide psychotherapy for clients with a primary diagnosis of eating disorders. Assist with psychosocial assessments, treatment planning, progress notes, and discharge summary. Lead multi-family and general process groups. Integrate CBT, DBT, and ACT into group and family therapy sessions with adults and adolescents. Provide family and couples therapy. Develop therapeutic tools for clients. Provide psycho-social education and support for clients with co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, and depression. Participate in collaborative treatment team meetings.



Court Appointed Special Advocates, San Leandro, California                                                            

Training Specialist


Managed, planned, executed, evaluated, and improved training program offered for new & existing volunteers in the organization. Chief responsibility included developing, facilitating, and evaluating a 30-hour training for diverse groups of volunteers that covered topics like child development, pharmacology and mental health, substance abuse,  mental health, impacts of trauma, self- care/wellness, trauma-informed care, vicarious trauma, cultural competence and humility, intersectionality of race, class and gender in the US, role of social workers, and the juvenile dependency system. Provided interim case management for trainees. 



Black AIDS Institute, Los Angeles, California                                                                                  

Technical Assistance & Stakeholder Engagement Manager


Managed and developed three national community programs that promoted HIV/AIDS awareness. Established and achieved partnerships with 30 local and federal organizations targeted towards HBCU’s, faith-based institutions, historically significant political, media, and social organizations. Provided training and capacity building programming for local and national partners on a range of topics related to HIV/AIDS and organizational efficiency. Developed and secured significant funding for a nationwide program that addressed stigma, psychological distress, and coping mechanisms as a response to positive HIV status.



Fred Jefferson Memorial Homes, Los Angeles, California                                                                    

FFA Social Worker    


Oversaw case management for children ages 2-15; introduced resources to families that improved children’s health, education, and behavior. Conducted home visits to inspect, assess, and make reports of foster parents’ home environment.



The CITYKIDS Foundation, New York, New York                                                                                

Social Work Intern    


Managed multi-facets of operations, including program design, recruitment, and evaluations for three programs. Provided mental health case management in addition to college, career, and life skill preparation for 40 students and provided individual and group therapy, in addition to case management for the teen population. Developed, implemented, and evaluated a Women’s Empowerment program. Facilitated support groups for adolescents with issues such as eating disorders, body dysmorphia, substance abuse, and depression. Participated in weekly supervision to discuss and monitor group therapy progress Increased fundraising success by optimizing planning and development campaigns, market outreach, and strategic initiatives that involved as many as 100 youth participants and their families. 



Sanctuary for Families, New York, New York                                                                                    

Social Work Intern


Counseled victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, offering mental health assessments, individual therapy, resources, and guidance. Conducted weekly individual therapy with adults diagnosed with a variety of disorders including but not limited to depression, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, substance abuse/addiction. Maintained a caseload of approximately 10-15 weekly clients. Conducted extensive research, presented data and delivered training to city task force teams, agency staff, and interns. Provided individual and group therapy. Designed and administered weekly programs that are serving up to 50 clients. Developed treatment plans, wrote progress notes and diagnostic summaries



University of California Davis, Davis, CA                                                                                                 

Student Programs Coordinator


Served multiple functions in Student Activities, Student Retention and Resource Center for the African Diaspora, and the African and African American Studies Department. Duties included peer counseling, event management, and coordination, student outreach, cultural identity workshops, oversight/leadership of various African Diaspora and multi-ethic focused student organizations, and community outreach.



Columbia University, New York, New York

M.S.  Social Work 

Emphasis: Social Enterprise and Administration

Minor in Public Policy, School of International and Public Affairs


University of California, Davis

B.A Sociology 

B.A. Psychology

Minor in African and African American Studies


Training Topics of Expertise

           Creating Culturally Sensitive Programs

Social Work Practice

Trauma-Informed Care

Neurological & Behavioral Impacts of Trauma

Intro to Child Welfare & the Juvenile Dependency System

Compassion Fatigue & Secondary Trauma

Trauma-Informed Leadership

Understanding Trauma of Historically Oppressed Groups

Cultural Humility and Cultural Competency in Human Service Field

The Continuum of Abuse

Motivational Interviewing

Role of Court Appointed Special Advocates

Disproportionality & the Child Welfare System

Special Populations: CSEC & Non-Minor Dependents


Psychotherapy Areas of Expertise


Working with Adolescents

Working with Adults

Sexual Assault DBT

Eating Disorders

Working with Trafficking Victims

Mood Disorders

Domestic Violence

Co-Occurring Disorders




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