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Pieces of Me Workbook Series

Pieces of Me is a therapeutic workbook that takes you through some of the psychological fundamentals of what shapes your identity. Explore the intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics, as well as coping skills that shape you. You can purchase the full version, intrapersonal effectiveness edition or the interpersonal effectiveness edition. 

Commandments of Self Love final 3d mock.

The 5 Commandments of Self-Love

Go on a journey of relfection to explore the question, how do I practice self-love? The 5 Commandments of Self Love takes you on an explorative journey filled questions, reflections and research that challenges all that you know about what it means to honor yourself. You will learn through the commandments: honor yourself, honor you mind, honor your body, honor your spirit, and forgiveness, how to walk a path that is centered in self-love.

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Self-Love Journal

Use this journal with 90 prompting questions, as a stand alone reflective tool, or something to help you dive deeper, as you read thru The 5 Commandments of Self-Love.

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