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Thanks for stopping by to learn about me. My name is Tiffany Wright, LCSW. I have many titles. Psychotherapist, Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, Wellness Consultant, Mental Health Advocate, Self-Love Ambassador, and Community Leader. Above all, I am a Black woman, motivated by love, legacy, liberation and service. Check out how you can work with me below.

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My Wellness Approach

My personal mission is to break cycles of dis-ease, dysfunction and communal struggle through offering opportunities for inner healing and enlightenment. I make efforts to support, develop, and create opportunities to approach healing and transformation in a holistic way. I believe that intuitively we are whole beings, yet it is the impact of personal experiences, social and political dynamics, and biological/physiological processes that create internal dispositions of fragmentation. When any aspect of our mind, body or spirit is imbalanced, neglected or under nourished, the stability of our well being is threatened. It is important to me to address circumstances that challenge one’s core identity and empower any individual to take advantage of tools available that may seem traditional, untraditional, simple, and available. My primary focus is to expose individuals to tools of self-reflection and natural healing modalities.


Embracing Culturally Affirming Practices

I have built my clinical and community work on centering ancestral and culturally intuitive approaches to healing and liberation. My work emphasizes interventions and modalities that were centering approaches to well-being pre-colonization. This includes nature-focused, somatic, and spiritual practices. I am trained and well-versed in Ecotherapy (often interchangeable with Eco-wellness or ecopsychology). With Ecotherapy, I seek to repair, reconnect, and even redefine the relationship of members of historically oppressed communities in urban settings. My primary focus is working with African American communities due to their extensive experience with land and nature based-trauma. I offer community ecotherapy activations for groups. Additionally, as a mindfulness and somatic focused practitioner, I bring the practices of intuitive movement, meditation, gratitude reflection, intention ritual, sound healing, artistic expression, role play/narration, storytelling, and ancestral veneration to healing and learning spaces with clients and communities.


Outside of my purpose driven work, I am an outdoor enthusiast who has a love for visiting National Parks, hiking, and being outside. I'm an avid traveler who loves journaling, painting, food with community, and doing any intentional joy cultivating or spirit restoring activities.

Green Leaves

My Offerings


The BE Life

My wellness co. The BE Life enhances lives through empowerment and wellness-centered media. I offer wellness stationary, books, workbooks, a podcast and meditative experiences. I focus on providing support to those most vulnerable to chronic stress & burnout. Check it out, and subscribe to the BE Nurtured Newsletter.

A Hub for Wellness + Transformation


BE Infinite Therapy

Holistic Psychotherapy

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA and TX)  with a forward moving holistic-centered private practice. Interested in working with me through one on one or group therapy? 


Coco Coalition

Mental Health for Black Women

I am a Co-founder and Executive Director of the non-profit, Coco Coalition which seeks to improve the quality of life for black women through resources, programs, and services that positively impact their mental health. 





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